Tusia Dabrowska, Still from Uttermost Boundary. 2022. Video. 13:18

Tusia Dabrowska works at the intersection of storytelling, performance and media. Reconfigurations and awkward pairings are at the core of her work. Her projects address geometries of dislocation, techno-alienation, and the diasporic experience. She is drawn to the unruly, errored and soft. Her work welcomes fissures in reality that invite speculative modes and imagine migrant futurisms.

In the Uttermost Boundary, on a brief visit to Bialystok, the birthplace of L.L. Zamenhof (the inventor of Esperanto), Tusia dreams of a common language.

Read Tusia's notes from her conversation with Pawel Lewicki, PhD, about the current migrant crisis on the Polish-Belarusian border near Bialystok.

Nung-Hsin Hu, Still from Amateur Dweller.2022.
Video. 09:24

Nung-Hsin Hu’s practice spans media and continents. In her new video, “Amateur Dweller,”  Hu juxtaposes two concepts of home, both manifesting at loved family spaces in Taiwan. The Beehives maintained by her close cousin connect with the cold cubicles of the real estate agency that now starkly occupies Hu’s childhood home. The layering of worlds in this video points to a sense of home far less tangible than a physical place.

Read Parallel Action: an interview with Nung-Hsin Hu, conducted by emily brandt

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