Emily Brandt, sleep/wake 2022.
Still from Video. 13:28

Emily Brandt is a poet and interdisciplinary artist whose work explores ritual, gender, ancestry, materiality, and the sociopolitical and psychospiritual implications of place. Brandt’s work is as informed by semi-conscious states as by tactility and embodied experience. Her interests in environmental portraiture, mundane yet potent rituals, and the anxiety of falling inspired the creation of this video. sleep/wake is a portrait of the rituals and talismans that carry people into and out of unconsciousness.

Read more about Emily’s process here.

Kerry Downey, Wormholes 2022.
Still from Video. 13:51

Kerry Downey’s interdisciplinary practice explores embodied forms of resistance and transformation. They use experimental strategies to locate our entanglements, drawing connections between interior worlds and sociopolitical landscapes. For temp.files, Kerry used eight early videos as raw material— all of which picture the artist performing alone with materials in mostly empty spaces. In this new work, Wormholes, versions of the artist are fractured and collaged, connecting across time and space. Wormholes presents queer embodiment as visceral and entropic, where breakdown is also breakthrough.

Ghosts of transformation: read an interview between Kerry and Temp Files' Tusia Dubrowksa here.

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