What is Temporary Files?

A video publishing cooperative, online publication, streaming site, and remote residency.

Who are we?

Initiated by performance and digital media artist Tusia Dabrowska and interdisciplinary artist/curator Michelle Levy, Temp. Files is a group of seven female identifying artists working between text, social engagement, and performance, committed to supporting each other in the process of creating new, experimental streaming video work.

Why are we doing this?

In a moment where we can no longer rely solely on established IRL spaces to see, discuss, create, and disseminate art, we must create our own platforms and opportunities for each other where they don’t exist.

How does it work?

Beginning Febraury 2021, each video, resulting from a challenge to try something new, will be accessible for one month before it disappears. To see each month’s video, click on the highlighted name on the home page. Videos will be released the first Monday of every month.

Each artist has two months of feedback and support from the cooperative (one month for concept development, one for production), followed by one month where the new video is streaming on the site. Interviews with each artist, conducted by another member of the group, will be published along with the video being released.

After the first season of Temp. Files, new artists will be invited to rotate in.

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