Michelle Levy, Still from In Search of Foreign Objects. 2022. Video. 05:49

Michelle Levy is an interdisciplinary artist and storyteller based in Brooklyn, NY. She uses performance, video, ritual, and text to investigate the liminal space between life and fiction where identity is constructed. Interested in discoveries made possible in real-life performative moments—Michelle employs a framework of “the search” and “research” to ask, how do we recognize wisdom or “truth” when we remain fragmented and alienated from our own histories? In Search for Foreign Objects touches on an intimate moment in the artist's life as she walks throughout New York City, reflecting on ancestry, biology, erasure, and time. 

Christine Cheung, Still from The Days Without.2022.
Video. 10:36

Christine Cheung is a Canadian artist based in Berlin whose work spans painting, performance, sculpture, writing and, of course, video. It moves fluidly between playful conceptual action and visually sensual representation, between considered, personal excavations and generative collaborative practice. Her nomadic relationship to place fuels a kaleidoscopic, yet carefully considered engagement with landscapes. 

For Temp. Files, drawn from a personal archive of imagery and a collaborative notebook of text fragments written over the last year, Cheung weaves together text and video, opening a window from which to drift through aural and visual space. The video is based on a collaborative text by Christine Cheung and Jared Duft.

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